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Trunk Show: Sat, July 1st 10:30 am - 5:30 pm & Sun, July 2nd 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Click here to see some of our Sethi Couture pieces

The Sethi Couture jewelry line from San Francisco-based designers Pratima and Prerna Sethi is an intricate mix of an old world charm and contemporary glamour.

With their contrasting, yet complementing personalities, Pratima and Prerna share a mutual appreciation for travel, history, and architecture where they were endlessly inspired by in their youth and which influence their designs now.

Don't miss this opportunity to put together your own Sethi stacking bands or find the fabulous rose-cut diamond...

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Click here to see our Symmetry pieces

"The design team of Mary Margoni and Yannis Mandilakis started working together in 1989 in Thessaloniki, Greece through a journey of living and learning as a couple.

Mary, as a "Mokume" graduate of jewelry design school in Thessaloniki , followed postgraduate studies at the "Contracto Directo" Art School in Lisbon, where she further specialized in the design and fabrication of hand-crafted jewelry.

Yannis, after graduating the University of Thessaloniki with major in Physics, studied in depth the craft of gem cutting and various lapidary techniques.


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The pieces made by Iohann, the artist behind Atelier Narce creations, has been handcrafted inspired by the civilizations that flourished, thrived and vanished in the Near East more than 3000 years ago. Through the use of unique imagery, clean lines and shapes, the artist wants to convey a sense of delicate mystery, silence and impermanence.

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Click here to see our Peter Schmid pieces

Peter Schmid is one of Germany's most highly acclaimed studio art jewelers. His creations are one of a kind and all hand fabricated using primarily high karat gold, silver, platinum, and unique gemstones by Germany's most reknowned stone cutters.

 "I was recently asked why I became an artist – what was the inspirational spark? I thought back to my childhood, the hours I spent climbing over the stacks of wood in my father Carlo’s lumberyard in rural Ostrach and the countless books I read: densely printed pages...

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