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The Sethi Couture jewelry line from San Francisco-based designers Pratima and Prerna Sethi is an intricate mix of an old world charm and contemporary glamour.

With their contrasting, yet complementing personalities, Pratima and Prerna share a mutual appreciation for travel, history, and architecture where they were endlessly inspired by in their youth and which influence their designs now.


Excerpt from the Sethi Couture website:

Sethi Couture is defined by the philosophy of elevating everyday life.

Sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi, designers of Sethi couture believe that simple yet significant pleasures bring a sense of fulfillment whether it is sipping a cup of afternoon tea, enjoying lunch with one’s wedding china and silverware, or reveling in the details of a landscape during an evening stroll. Their namesake brand Sethi Couture embraces this same philosophy. A simple yet significant luxury in one’s wardrobe, jewelry is meant to be  effortlessly worn and celebrated, not be tucked away in a box.
Each of the designs is purposefully imagined with the intention of elevating everyday life while embodying heirloom quality that can be cherished and passed down for generations to come. Sethi Couture is designed using the exquisite allure of natural color diamonds, alongside beautiful white rose, briolette, and old mine cuts. Elegant jewels are created with lively hues and unexpected cuts that delight the eye and capture emotion. Our signature style depicts an old world charm yet contemporary glamour, evoking a rich history and timelessness.

Set upon the backdrop of 18kt gold, the colorfully captivating pieces transcend time, place, and occasion. The Sethi Couture woman treasures jewelry as a way to elevate the everyday. She rejoices in her independence and confidence in defining her own style with life’s little luxuries. She is inclined towards natural beauty, romance and tradition with modern grace and looks forward to passing down these aspects of her life to the loved ones around her.