The pieces made by Iohann, the artist behind Atelier Narce creations, has been handcrafted inspired by the civilizations that flourished, thrived and vanished in the Near East more than 3000 years ago. Through the use of unique imagery, clean lines and shapes, the artist wants to convey a sense of delicate mystery, silence and impermanence.

Iohann was born in Cuba, where the imposed isolation the island experienced until recently, pushed him to find a very personal and intimate voice to express his artistic restlessness. After emigrating to the United Stated, he worked for an internationally renowned fashion designer in New York City for 13 years. Later he spent over a year traveling in the Middle East studying comparative religious studies and the language and culture of the region.

Upon his return to the US, Iohann launched Atelier Narce with the mission of creating jewelry that combines both a modern sensibility and the timeless grandeur of civilizations past.