to Sun

Hummingbird Jewelers would like to invite you to an extra special event: a showing by San Francisco-based designer Sethi Couture, an intricate mix of an old world charm
yet contemporary glamour. Sisters Prathima and Prerna Sethi have an aesthetic informed largely by their parents, who were purveyors of gemstones, and their collection of rare natural colored and exquisitely cut old world diamonds. The Sethis believe that jewelry is a simple yet significant luxury in one’s wardrobe, and is meant to be effortlessly worn and celebrated, not be tucked away in a box. Sethi Couture designs use the exquisite allure of natural color diamonds, alongside beautiful white rose, briolette, and old mine cuts.
Stop by Saturday and Sunday, Oct 8th and 9th, to see this unique collection by Sethi Couture.